About Us

Bill Baren Coaching is a global authority for coaching and training entrepreneurs with a mission that positively impacts people’s lives. From bringing online trainings vividly to life to creating stirring live events, we provide powerful coaching and training for entrepreneurs around the globe to expand their vision and create extraordinary impact.

We provide high-leverage training programs, events, and coaching for entrepreneurs ready to transform their businesses & lives in ways they may not yet have imagined, to expand their impact and reach, radically expand income. Most importantly, we help entrepreneurs to align with their values and their sense of purpose in a way that brings deep fulfillment to their business and life work.

By creating both life-altering inner shifts to limiting beliefs and proven step-by-step roadmaps to success, Bill Baren Coaching has provided training for tens of thousands of aspirational business owners driven to create a ripple effect of change in the world.

We are a stand for fostering new ideas, bold entrepreneurs, and life-changing knowledge products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives. We are ambitiously committed to unleashing the full potential of humanity and working with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who desire to do the same.

Our Team



Bill Baren

Visionary Alchemist

President & CEO

As founder of Bill Baren Coaching, Bill has become known worldwide as a transformational business coach. Over 50,000 people from 22 countries have participated in Bill’s online and live trainings. Bill has been certified as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation.

Bill’s purpose is to help conscious business owners make more money with their gifts by enrolling all the clients they want so they can make the difference they are here to make. He is the creator of the Big Shift Experience, Get Clients in Your Backyard, the Teleseminar Enrollment System, Time Mastery Program, and Master of Enrollment.

Bill loves hosting dinner parties with his wife, can’t get enough of movies and has been an American Idol fan for over ten years (shhhh).  One thing you may not know about him is that he has participated in the World Series of Poker for the last five years and has yet to be crowned the best poker player in the world (maybe one day soon).


Patrick Dominguez

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Owner

Patrick leads the marketing operations at Bill Baren Coaching. Prior, Patrick served for 15 years as the Director of Marketing for six different companies. Patrick holds BS and MS degrees from Stanford University.

As a business coach, Patrick specializes in coaching highly accomplished business owners (with service-based business) to break into 7-figure incomes and scale the positive impact and the ripple effect they create.

As a transformational coach, Patrick helps people gain an understanding of their deepest unconscious patterns – and helps them become liberated from the unconscious beliefs and core wounds that are running their life. Patrick’s specialty is helping client feel whole, complete, and free from fear, insecurity, and lack of love connection or self-worth.

Patrick enjoys international travel and exploring new countries (he lived in Europe for 10 years), photography, trips to the outdoors, buying lots of books (and sometimes reading them), and discovering new restaurants in San Francisco.


Lisa Frost

VP of Operations & Culture

As the VP of Operations & Culture, Lisa serves as a key member of the executive leadership team and oversees building a scalable infrastructure and self-managed company culture at Bill Baren Coaching.

Lisa deeply believes that good systems and processes help people make better decisions, communicate transparently and lead more effectively. She is passionate about creating a company culture that fosters outstanding performance and empowers employees to tap into their core strengths and passion, show up authentically and embody a sense of ownership in the company.

Her eclectic background includes creating digital behavior change programs, launching a 12-coach startup company, operations and communications consulting and coaching entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and teams from around the world. She holds an MA in Integral Psychology and is a Certified Master Integral Coach™.

In her spare time you’ll find Lisa going for walks with her dogs, reading, kayaking or diving with manta-rays, sharks and dolphins.


Susan Liddy

Director of Coaching

Susan Liddy brings over a decade of experience coaching clients around the world to confidently achieve their business and life goals. As a multi 6-figure business owner, Susan knows first hand what it takes to succeed in business and life. Her unique coaching style blends together her psychology and business background to create a motivational, inspiring, and action-oriented experience for her clients.

Susan holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and the Co-Active Professional Certified Coach Credential. She is the author of “The Secrets to Ultimate Living; What You Wish You Knew When You Were 20!”, “Love Based Marketing: The No Sell-Out, Cop-Out, Burn-Out Method To Attract Soul Mate Clients Into Your Business”, and is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

In her free time, Susan loves to spend time with her family, hike through the Redwoods and walk on the beach. She believes that one of the best ways to give back, live your purpose, heal the world, and feel truly alive is to build a 6-figure business doing what you do best.


Alan Roby

Chief Harmonizer & Director of Big Shift Coaching Program

Alan Roby escaped from Corporate America about a decade ago after 18 years leading teams and producing results in a variety of financial services and software organizations.

These days you can find him working with our amazing clients in the Big Shift Coaching Program–where he serves as Program Director and as Business Coach—as well as working with individual clients.  Alan focuses on helping heart-based service providers who want to make a difference in the world do well while creating good.

When he’s not coaching, Alan loves pursuing his musical interests, traveling, and tending his garden in a sunny little suburb of San Francisco.


Lisa Vincent

Client Success Business Unit Leader

At Bill Baren Coaching, you can pretty much find Lisa nosing around anything Client Success related! She is PASSIONATE about our client’s EXPERIENCE and their SUCCESS. She has decades of experience creating heart-felt connections with cherished clients and in professional positions where she drives forward project results that support them.

Lisa finds great joy in supporting the Bill Baren Coaching community and leading our team of passionate, talented Client Success professionals in doing the same.

She is a member of our Cross-functional Leadership Team – a team that works together to lead the organization toward achieving the company goals, vision, and mission. And we have a BIG MISSION – to help all of humanity unleash their full potential. Lisa truly believes that the more we can help our clients, the more clients they can help – the ripple effect in full force! Let’s see how far we can get this ripple to roll, shall we?

Lisa is trained in coaching, counseling, EFT, and Yoga Therapy. She loves witnessing the transformation of others and experiencing ongoing transformations of her own. When not in the office, you can find her moving and meditating, reading and learning, exploring and capturing incredible moments through photography, designing and enjoying delicious vegan cuisine, and deeply connecting with her loved ones. She also has a strong sense of compassion that fuels her support for animal, environmental, and social rights.

Lisa laughs a lot and thrives on positive energy. She believes that a great sense of humor is one of the most important keys to living a happy life.



Bill Silverman

Big Shift Business Coach

Bill Silverman, specializes in coaching contractors with 7-figure businesses, who know that they have huge untapped potential in their business that they just can’t seem to harness.  Bill helps his clients get their businesses growing strong, efficiently and profitably and find extra time for the other things they love to do in their lives.

Bill specializes in helping owners tackle difficult growth challenges. He is known for his ability to pinpoint and solve the real problems that hold you back and for helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Bill’s coaching draws on his 25 years of experience in executive positions in marketing, human resources and business development at companies such as Marriott and CIGNA and from his PHD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology to help clients establish their businesses and lives successfully at the next level.

Bill lives outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey where he loves to run, read, travel and hangout with his family.


Denise Warner

Breakthrough Catalyst Coach

Denise has coupled her two decades of experience as a six-figure entrepreneur with her ongoing training in coaching, mindset, and personal development to support service-based business owners in moving past the limitations of their psychology (that all-too-familiar “stuck” feeling)  to create the businesses they have always dreamed of.

She is particularly passionate about her clients having more time to live bold, inspiring lives, supported by their businesses and not limited by the day-to-day running of them.

Passionate about having a life full of varied and juicy experiences, Denise is just as likely to be found 300 feet up a cliff face in the Sierras, kiteboarding, or skiing as she is facilitating a Balinese sound healing session at her office in the foothills outside of Sacramento.  She is also a proud step mom to two awesome boys, Ryer and Macrae. She is a big fan of wordplay and puns so if cheesy humor is not your thing, please let her know you are laugh-tose intolerant.


Missy Singer

Big Shift Business Coach

Missy is a multi-talent! With a history of managing multi-million dollar projects in the Corporate Entertainment world, she moved on to the Holistic community and has over fifteen years experience with counseling, healing, teaching, leading spiritual retreats, and event planning. With multiple credentials, she creates safe and compassionate spaces for her clients. Having grown up in a family-owned business, Missy loves supporting small business owners and has consulted for the past ten years with multiple businesses helping them go to the next level of success.

As a talented Bill Baren Coaching Business Coach, Missy loves supporting her clients in committing to a big clear vision with confidence, setting specific goals, and finally creating an easy step-by-step flow for their businesses – all with compassion, inspiration, and fun!

In her spare time, Missy loves to cook, hike the Rocky Mtn Foothills, write for her poetry blog. She lives in a Colorado small town with her beloved sweetie and their two cats.


Kim Reddington

Big Shift Business Coach

Kim Reddington is a successful business coach and entrepreneur who knows how to help her clients get all the clients they want. Her first foray into entrepreneurship was at age 7, selling paperweights (a.k.a. painted rocks) to the neighbors. She didn’t come home until I sold all the paperweights. Kim went on to run an Avon business starting in high school, it set the stage for her to later continue to work for herself. After graduating college, she had a small 3 year stint in corporate America, before deciding she was going to do what she always told her mother she would do as a kid – own her own business when she grew up. That was in 1995, and she’s been building her business, and helping other business owners thrive ever since.


Mike Liquori

Big Shift Business Coach

Mike Liquori has a passion for helping small businesses transform into fun, thriving money-making machines. He founded several small businesses, most successfully (along with at least one spectacular failure). He has worked as part of the management team for a $70 Million Corporate business unit, runs a successful watershed consulting firm, worked behind the scenes for over a dozen personal and professional development companies, and has pursued a very broad and insatiable appetite for knowledge. With over 25 years of consulting, management, entrepreneurial, teaching, facilitating and coaching experience, Michael has acquired an unusual set of skills that will help you grow your business and develop yourself as a leader.


Johanna Lyman

Big Shift Business Coach / Business Coach

Johanna Lyman is a certified coach with eleven years of experience helping coaches, consultants, and healers clear out the blocks and resistance that keeps them from making the difference they’re here to make in the world. She helps visionary leaders launch their movements without selling out or going broke.

Using a potent combination of traditional coaching, strong intuition, brain re-patterning, and energy healing, she helps her clients master their Inner Games, then implement the right Outer Game pieces, so they can make a big difference in a world that desperately needs them now.

Johanna believes in the power of story telling to heal the world. Producing a transformational theatre performance called “Opening Pandora’s Box: Stories of Truth and Hope” is one of the ways she helps entrepreneurs tap into and use the power of their stories.

In her spare time, she’s a poet with a penchant for slam, an avid stand up paddle boarder, mother of an amazing teenager, and wife to the best husband on the planet.


Victoria Buckmann

Success Strategist/Coach

Victoria has over 30 years of experience supporting clients in making decisions that best support their dreams and desires. At Bill Baren Coaching, she helps clients uncover their grandest vision for themselves and supports them in choosing a path that will help them usher that vision into reality.

When asked about working with Bill Baren’s team and community, Victoria said, “Getting to speak to entrepreneurs all over the world and hearing their visions for themselves and their businesses is extraordinary. I love knowing each one has a gift and talent that will transform the world. Working with this community and Bill’s team is a delight. I am having so much fun!”

Victoria has coached women business owners internationally and throughout the United States and specializes in helping her clients master their ‘inner game’ so that they can successfully lead and grow their teams. She is a certified Dream Coach, Higher Guidance Business Coach, former Premier Success coach for eWomenNetwork, a hypnotherapist, and an Intuitive.


Maria Meloni

Big Shift Business Coach; RRSS Business Coach

Maria Merloni, L.I.C.S.W. and Certified Life Coach has had a long and varied career since getting her Master’s in Clinical Social Work over 20 years ago. For over ten years now, she has had a therapy/life coaching business after graduating from The Hendricks Institute of Conscious Living in 2004. Maria then refined her work to focus on sex, relationships, and sacred sexuality in her successful and growing business.

More recently, Maria has taken her passion for helping people come back to love and her first-hand knowledge of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and combined them- as a Business Coach at BBC. She understands that her BBC clients need both love (self-love and the giving of love in their businesses) and practical methods to become the beacons of doing their sacred work in the world that they are meant to be. With her positive, fun, and playful style, Maria loves seeing her clients expand into their truest selves as a result of their work together.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys traveling to places near and far, reading, running, meditation, yoga, and the list goes on. Maria values her personal self care time and also has many loves in her life, including her twenty year old daughter. The overarching theme of Maria’s professional and personal life is seeing just how much love she can give and receive in the world.


Jenn August

Big Shift Business Coach; RRSS Business Coach

Jenn August is a certified business success coach, success mindset expert and international speaker. Her proprietary success mindset system has gained her recognition as one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business success. Jenn’s step by step process has helped her clients, double, triple and quadruple their income and relieve fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness.

Through her work, she helps her clients see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission so they can begin to live a life of clear purpose and abundance.

She believes that people were born to succeed and programmed to fail and that they can change their programming to create a wonderful life for themselves and their families. The expert works with multi-million dollar businesses to training companies to help their clients get the best results with their training systems. Spiritual Entrepreneur John Assaraf of “The Secret” endorses Jenn’s work and says, “Hypnotism is where it’s at and Jenn August knows how to do it and help you!”


Katie Curtin


KATIE CURTIN, CPCC, is a certified life and energy coach, theatre artist, and author who spends her time between Canada and Mexico. She has helped hundreds of artists, changemakers and conscious entrepreneurs to hone their talents and birth their creative and innovative projects into the world.

Known for her masterful breakthrough coaching, she gets to the heart of the matter quickly while infusing her collaborations with wisdom, fun and a touch of irreverence (just to make sure things don’t get too serious!).

She is an author and performance artist, and interviewer of thought-leaders and innovators. Her book ‘The Happy Well-Fed Artist: How to Get Your Creative Projects Off the Ground and Into the World’ was on the Amazon Best-Seller list.


Rachel Grant


Rachel Grant is passionate about supporting business owners achieve success and make a difference in the world. In her own journey as a business owner, she has experienced the power of combining inner work with practical business strategy to truly create a business and life that she loves, and welcomes every opportunity to support her clients in doing the same.

She is also the owner and founder of Rachel Grant Coaching and is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach. She is also the author of Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse. She works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are beyond sick and tired of feeling broken, unfixable, and burdened by the past. She helps them let go of the pain of abuse and finally feel normal.

Rachel holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She is also a member of San Francisco Coaches. She’s also a kick ass dancer.


Jessica Libbey


Jessica has a passion for transformation and a love for the intricacies of the human experience. With a degree in psychology, as well as training certifications from the Interchange Counseling Institute and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she has a people-oriented background in counseling, life coaching and holistic health.

In her coaching, Jessica loves bringing together empathy, intuition and laser insight to guide and support her clients to break through what’s holding them back, build their confidence and help them feel the freedom to be all of who they are and create a business that truly brings them alive.

You’ll find Jessica in her hometown of Oakland, CA, where she delights in the diversity, the nature and the never-ending opportunities for connection, growth and fun. If you’re ever in Oakland, look for her gettin’ her groove on at Ecstatic Dance, strolling around Lake Merritt, loading up on fresh organic goodness at the farmers market or giving out her most favorite thing: free hugs.


Carrie Beers


Insightful, enthusiastic, dynamic, national and international leadership and business coach who uses her thirst for knowledge and education to design unique programs that bridge the distance between corporate culture, leaders, and employees in companies that believe success is earned through positive action. Combining her strengths in motivating and training, she has propelled leaders to look at themselves as well as their leadership approach in new ways in order to create an empowered workforce. She has built a business that offers national and international organizations opportunities to balance people and profits through innovative programs that drive a shift in leadership evolution and thought.

Carrie has been featured as a guest columnist in The Providence Business News throughout her career. Over the last 15 years Carrie has spoken at RI-SHRM on several topics; Northeast IBM iUser Conference; NEMUG of Rhode Island; Rhode Island Insurance Professionals of RI (IAIPRI); Center for Women and Enterprise; The Association of Accountants & Financial Professionals in Business (IMA); A yearlong speaking series for businesses in RI on a monthly basis; Co-Host of a positive living radio show on WPRO; and at her own live events.

In her spare time, Carrie loves to play golf (really well or badly, depending on who you ask), explore wineries, enjoys time at the ocean, volunteering with Heroes to Hire, and mentoring recent college grads. She strives to live a healthy lifestyle, but still indulges when moved to. She is a single mom to her 20-something son, and a budding standup comedienne.


Shirleen Bautista

Mastermind on Coaching Team Operations Coordinator Role

Shirleen’s career started in 2004 right after graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.  She has worked as a project manager and sales executive for a few IT companies.

She ventured into e-commerce and online advertising in 2008.  Her experience online led her to a virtual position with Bill Baren Coaching Team.

She has a strong passion for the arts. In her spare time she usually finds herself designing using photoshop.  She likes to experience different cultures and has visited various countries from Asia and Oceania. She is very curious about new innovations and likes to tinker with gadgets. She is also a certified fitness and health buff. She visits the gym consistently, follows a strict vegetarian diet, and practices yoga regularly.



Sarah Kurhajetz

Executive Assistant and Resource Diva

Sarah brings exceptional organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills to Bill Baren Coaching. These talents combined with the knowledge and skills gained in her Master’s Degree in International Service have been the forces driving her successes in office and project management, event management, and community outreach.

Sarah’s passions lie in networking with other young professionals and in bringing people and resources together. Her vitality, enthusiasm, and creativity as a Resource Diva have resulted in the development of over 1 million dollars in gifts and sponsorships for the organizations she has served.

Outside of work, you can find Sarah leading a busy life in Oakland – walking, running, working out and taking yoga classes as often as she can. Sarah is an active member of Heart and Soul Center of Light in Oakland.


Caterina Vaticano

Event Manager & Curator of Connections

Obtaining a BS degree in International Business with a minor in Italian was a natural path for Caterina  since she has always had a  strong passion for building businesses and learning about different cultures. Her expansive and broad range of experience in the business world includes a successful 11-year tenure at a Fortune 500 company, as well as being the co-founder and managing officer of a premier manufacturing company for just about 10 years.

Her strong suits include mentorship, leadership, project management, business development, and customer relations. Her love for humanity and spirituality, combined with her desire to help people recognize their inherent strengths, led her to a certification in life coaching and ultimately to Bill Baren Coaching.

Caterina lives in the beautiful community of Walnut Creek outside of San Francisco with her husband of 24 years, two children, and little “zoo” of dogs, cats, chickens, and turtles. She treasures her home space and enjoys a beautiful, simple, and natural life which encompasses organic gardening , cooking, and connecting with friends and family.  She loves spiritual and informative documentaries and films, and studies holistic health and metaphysics.  Recently, she has been incorporating the use of pure essential oils and herbs for well being and vitality in mind, body, and spirit.



Aaron Pinkwasser

Director of Marketing

Aaron holds a degree in International Business and a minor in Japanese and has been working in the field of Marketing for almost 10 years while living overseas in Japan, Australia, and England. Born and raised in Arizona, he has recently returned back to the States after 13 years abroad to move to the Bay Area to join the team at Bill Baren.

Having worked with holistic healers, Aaron has a passion for marketing transformational experiences and comes from a professional background of digital marketing for the wellness travel industry. He is responsible for managing the ever-growing number of exciting projects that Bill Baren Coaching will be providing in the year to come.

Aaron has a deep love for all things aquatic and is an avid scuba diver, surfer, and wakeboarder. When he’s not in the water, he enjoys yoga, meditation, and exploring San Francisco.


Lauren Nickoloff

Marketing Director – Partnerships & Email Management

Lauren holds Master’s degrees in Psychology and Marketing and has been working in the field of Marketing for several years. Lauren develops and manages relationships between Bill Baren and his much-loved partners by handling the day-to-day tasks and challenges of partner promotions. Lauren also contributes as Manager of Email Marketing.

She is thrilled to have found a career that beautifully combines her interests in human development and social-conscious marketing.

Lauren lived in San Francisco for 15 years before moving to Asheville, North Carolina. She loves to soak up her new city’s unique culture, bake artisan bread, tend to her garden, and hang out with her cats Johnny Cash and Schatze. She has an exuberant interest in documentaries, vintage hairstyles, mid-century design. 


Bianca Kamper

Junior Marketing Specialist

Bianca finished her bachelor degree in Corporate Communications and has worked in the fields of event management, sponsoring and online marketing in Vienna, Austria. She came all the long way to Oakland to join the marketing team of Bill Baren Coaching.

Bianca has a passion for all different kinds of sports. She loves to go snowboarding, running, horseback riding or whatever comes up to her mind. Since she has moved to Oakland, she also enjoys to ride her bicycle to explore the beautiful bay area and its fascinating nature.

She is thrilled to be part of the team at Bill Baren Coaching and to start this great experience abroad.


Michael Mahoney


As a Copywriter, Michael is creative problem-solver with more than twenty years of professional experience as a direct response marketing manager and brand consultant, copywriter and script writer for international and national direct mail campaigns, online direct response campaigns, social marketing campaigns, white papers, interactive media, brand image campaigns, Web sites, multi-tiered email campaigns and testing, webinars, newsletters, brochures, print campaigns, radio and television commercial production. His previous clients included NRDC, EPA, Association to Preserve Cape Cod, Woods Hole Research Institute, IFAW, Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins, QuestionMine, By Referral Only, Red Engine Digital, TDS TELECOM and Bose. Michael graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors in Journalism and has also several years experience as a copywriting and creativity coach for entrepreneurs, writers and artists.


Mario Bautista

Marketing Infrastructure Lead

Mario is a 16 year veteran in the IT industry. His experience include managing Research and Development, Operations, Sales and Marketing divisions. He holds BS and MS degrees in Electronics Engineering.

He left the corporate world to pursue his passion to serve. He enjoys working in a heart based environment with an incredible group of people aiming to help their awesome clients achieve massive growth!

Mario enjoys his long sojourns and cultural immersions across the globe. He is voracious reader and seeker of knowledge (a nerd in denial). He and his wife serves in a community that helps other couples enrich their marriage. He likes to work out – his favorite exercises include bench presses and lifting beer bottles (on occasion).


Rainvale Molde

Jr. Web Developer | Marketing Assistant

Rainvale has a degree in Electro-mechanical major in Industrial Automation. But he chose a career what he loves to do, which is doing crazy things on the Internet.

He has started his online career in 2009. Now he’s helping the company build web pages and assists in marketing campaigns. He is a hard working person and is ALWAYS happy to help.

During the weekend, he actively participates in Christian fellowship. He is a young adult leader and has a passion in helping the development of other young leaders in their church. He proclaims God’s word on his own way and talent.

Client Success


Audrey Chrisler

Big Shift Client Support Lead

Audrey loves humans. There is no other way to say it! When she heard about this position that combined supporting clients while also working with a teamcentered around awesomeness and consciousness, her jaw literally hit the floor. Being a part of the Client Success Team and working directly with the Big Shift Program combines her natural talent for helping people to be successful with her curiosity for the unique sparkle that everyone carries inside of them.

A Berkeley native, Audrey ventured to Eugene, Oregon for a degree in Social Work and Spanish. She has since traveled in India for a year, lived in San Francisco and made her way back to Berkeley where it all began. She also completed a Yoga Teacher Training and is a certified Life Coach… Audrey has a background infused with care, spirituality, and keeping our internal worlds vibrant and alive.

Audrey has worked in management roles at chocolate factories, alternative high schools, and for fellow Life Coaches. When she is not at the office or at a Big Shift retreat, Audrey can often be found on a trail in Point Reyes, searching for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, or expanding her understanding of herself at NLP Marin. She always has her yoga mat with her and loves any form of authentic dance. Audrey felt called to work at Bill Baren Coaching to be connected to a team of big-hearted visionaries and has been amazed by how influential and supportive her time at BBC has been so far.


Andreea Grad

Program Delivery Lead

Andreea is all about leaning into life, and then leaning in some more. She believes in self-expression, self-love and giving ourselves permission to be magnificent. And that is exactly what drew her to join Bill Baren Coaching. As part of the Program Delivery team, she delights in making sure that everything the clients need to create abundant success in the program they are enrolled in, gets to them at just the right time.

She spent her first 25 years in Transylvania where she studied accounting and art. She’s worked as a 3D modeler, photographer, massage therapist, health coach and counselor. Her diverse experience has allowed her to weave together a meticulous attention to detail, a generous heart, exceptional listening skills and she particularly enjoys lifting people up through the warm, delicious spark of community.

Andreea lives now in Oakland. You can hear her laughing while taking care of her garden and taking walks in the Oakland neighborhoods. When she’s not deeply immersed in a creative project or leading family constellations, you’ll find her dancing, enjoying soulful conversations, or walking barefoot in nature.


Kelly LaValley

Collections & Customer Service Lead

Kelly is a self-taught truth teller. She’s passionate about telling the truth as a way of creating authentic and inspired connection with herself and with others. She’s discovering that telling the truth is a vulnerable and radical move which leads to a fuller, more expressed life. That said, she’s over the moon to be part of the amazing Bill Baren Coaching team whose mission it is to empower humanity to unleash its full potential!

Devoted to her growth and transformation, Kelly is always embracing opportunities that stretch her. As part of the Client Success team, she helps others grow and stretch in ways that support their fuller, more expressed and abundant selves. She advocates for people to be present with their experience moment to moment, inviting them to sit in the driver’s seat of their life. With heart, Kelly helps our clients stay accountable to themselves, their dreams, and their financial commitments to Bill Baren Coaching.

Kelly comes to Bill Baren Coaching offering her dynamic background as a quality assurance engineer and certified counselor. When not inside working, she loves to be outside! Consciously not owning a car for over 10+ years helps her connect with all the elements in the great outdoors.


Chris Orozco

Chief Morale and Shenanigans Officer

Chris believes happy, free, authentic people are the key to a sustainable future and loves being able to help our clients get the most of our programs. He even has a coaching business of his own, dedicated to the freedom, and happiness of everyone he meets.

When he’s not working he’s either creating his own content, reading comic books, playing music, working on music festivals or trying to find the next big thing.