Raving Fans


Kevin McQueen Real Estate Industry Consultant

"I nearly tripled my gross revenues to $350,000 in the Big Shift Coaching Program.” “The Big Shift Coaching program has changed my behavior and the way I think. I’m much more focused on what I’m uniquely qualified to do - and not do - with my time. I’m now more aware of what it takes to grow my business without having to do all of the work myself. In my first year with the Big Shift Coaching program, I nearly tripled my gross revenues to $350,000. One of the biggest things I learned in the program is that it takes discipline and a system. Bill gave me the tools to create my system – to systematize my approach if you will. Some of the results I’ve seen have been better time mastery, increased revenue and net income, more clarity in defining my programs, improved profit margins and more time-off for travel with my family and friends. This year, my wife and I are taking 2 months off to explore a new city to live in and we’re taking a cruise around Italy and the French Riviera. Much appreciation to Bill and Patrick!”


Shawn Driscoll, Succeed Coaching & Development

“In just 3 weeks I brought in more than $30,000 in new business using what I learned in the Big Shift Coaching Program.” “Before I started the Big Shift program I was at a cross roads in my business. I wanted to make a big leap forward, to increase my reach, claim my unique expertise and double my income. But I was in the midst of an ongoing personal crisis that drained my energy, focus and ability to make things happen on my own. I was ready to stop treading water and start making real progress toward my goals and I knew I needed help. I came to the Big Shift ready to make big shifts in my marketing, my mindset and my offers and I needed the accountability, encouragement and system to make it happen. In fact, in just 3 weeks I brought in more than $30,000 in new business using what I learned in Big Shift Coaching Program. In the last several months I have created new programs and services I’m thrilled to be offering, attracted ideal clients that are a joy to serve, and successfully filled my new programs – which has put me on the path to more than doubling my income this year.  Thank You Bill, Patrick and the Big Shift Coaching Program for supporting me in having the impact and income I knew was possible!”


Bill Silverman, Springboard Business Coaching

“In the first year, I doubled the amount of money I was making, and I now have broken six figures.” “Before I was in the program, I was a small-time local coach targeting any small business owner. With help from the Big Shift Coaching Program, I created a profitable niche focused on general contractors with multi-million dollar business. In the first year, I doubled the amount of money I was making, and I now have broken six figures - plus I am consistently working with larger clients who tend to pay more and stay around longer.” From what I learned about premium packages, I have just signed a $36,000 client for an 8-month program. I recently did a webinar series that resulted in about $65,000 worth of revenue in the last 6 months. Also, the percentage of potential clients who say yes to my services has increase from 25% to 45%. Most importantly, I now look at myself differently – I have a lot more confidence in what I do and the Big Shift Coaching program has challenged me to step up onto a much bigger platform which has allowed me to get bigger clients. In the last year, I have become a frequent speaker at national trade association conferences. All of which has allowed me to be more authentic when I am signing up clients; I am much more willing to push hard because I see where they want to go and I am standing up for their right to go get it. Bill and Patrick really care about the people in the program. I like the idea that it’s not just the nuts and bolts part of the business. It’s the mental part of the game, too, which is so important and has allowed me to make a big shift. Thanks Bill and Patrick!”


Vicki Abadesco, Soul Shoppe

“Not only have our numbers tripled, but clients keep coming back.” “What I learned in the program is how to get really specific and zero in on what I’m going to do. Creating my very specific marketing plan and really staying dedicated to that has been one of the big things I’ve learned. Because of that, in the last three months we’ve been hired for triple the number of programs that we normally have during this time of year. Not only have our numbers tripled, but we’re also finding that it’s easier for our clients to come back. Within 48 hours I’m getting an e-mail or a call from the client we just served saying “When can we book the next program?” One of the things I appreciate most about this program is that it’s a great balance between the technical and personal. I’ve been able to make a big shift because of both the personal development and assignments that help me break through. Some things used to feel scary, like letting go of the tasks that I shouldn’t be doing or delegating. But now I see how letting go of all things that are unnecessary has allowed my business to really grow.“


Maria Cristini, Executive Coaching

“I increased my income by 80% and paid back my investment in the program within the first few months!” “When I started the Big Shift Coaching program, I was ready to take my business to a new level, but I felt really stuck. Because of the program, my stuck spots become blatantly evident. Not always fun to look at, but awareness is the first step. You can’t choose to change what you can’t even see or are not aware of. I took the leap and signed up for the program but didn’t really know if it would be what I hoped. By implementing what I learned, I quickly and joyously earned enough “additional” revenue in the first few months of the program to pay for my investment. And I have since increased my income 80% over the previous year! What I learned I can repeat and grow/nurture/increase. An important big shift was in the Niche work that gets handled right up front. I truly believe that owning my niche internally made a huge difference. Now I can give my clients my time and energy in the way I want without feeling resentful. I can play full out on their behalf and feel great about it. By asking new clients to commit to a longer program, I now only work with clients who are seriously committed to creating positive change for themselves and the world. It’s very powerful for the coaching relationship. Another thing the Big Shift Coaching Program does well is create community. I’ve been in a number of group programs that talk about community but I end up feeling alone. Here I have a strong support network all around me: on the calls, in the forum, at the retreats and in my living room and local coffee shops. (Since we know each other so well, we can dive in and help each other out.) Hearing others in the group work through their struggles and stuck points is extremely helpful too in my own learning. Bill and the Big Shift Coaching program offers a lot up front and absolutely delivers even more. I’ve been VERY surprised a number of times this year with their generosity. Really over a thousand dollars in unexpected benefits I wanted and would have paid for were gifted to me as a bonus.”